Jim Parr

founder of Austin TroubleShooter, has over thirty eight years of social service experience in both frontline and supervisory roles.Β  In addition to many years as a case manager, he has extensive experience as guardian and designated bill payer.

Jim is dedicated to helping people, and his professional experience has taught him how the “system” works. Fearful of drowning in paperwork, Jim has been inspired to create Austin TroubleShooter, a “hands-on”, affordable personal assistance service.

His goal is “targeting daily turmoil.”


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Service requested: Purchase of item at the store and shipping it to a residence in another state.

On August 2013, I engaged Austin Troubleshooter to purchase a purse at the store which I has reserved.
This purse is a limited edition and I wanted it very badly especially at a irresistible sale price.
As incredulous as it sounds, this purse was the only one left for sale in the US stores.
Unfortunately, this particular store that had the purse was not able to ship the item to my residence.

Being in a city that was 18hrs away from the store, I had no choice but to engage a concierge to help me purchase and ship the item to my residence thereafter.
Among the quotes gotten from other concierge companies, Austin Troubleshooter’s charges was the most reasonable and transparent.
I was very surprised that he accepted my request without questions and purchased the item at the store immediately even though my money order had not reached him yet. Even though I did not request for insurance on the bag, Mr. Jim also took the initiative to insure the purse and did not charge me extra for it.

Thank You so much for going the extra distance, Mr. Jim. πŸ™‚ I appreciate it very much.

Thank You

For anyone struggling with the plethora of life’s tasks, I highly recommend to you the services of Jim Parr, aka Austin TroubleShooter. Jim’s a lifesaver, ably and quickly handling whatever task you throw him. He is extremely reliable, completing the task efficiently and with no fuss to you. When some folks help out, you may find you need to instruct or monitor every step of the way. Now with Jim. Give him the job and you can cross it off your to-do list. Ad Jim’s pleasant, friendly – but never intrusive – personality and the whole process is a pleasant experience. We should all have an Austin TroubleShooter to help with life’s work.

Judith Davis
Austin, Texas